CSA Information

Welcome to G It’s Fresh Community Supported Agriculture. 

A CSA is a great way to get exceptional farm-fresh produce Direct from your farmer. All Produce Grown at G It’s Fresh is certified organic by MOSA [Midwest Organic Services Association].  

The amount of produce will vary from week to week, but you can count on having a at least a ½ bushel box with many delicious items in it. (You can find a list of all our produce on the home page). Produce will be delivered weekly, June through the second week in November, which means you get to look forward to 22 boxes of G it’s Fresh produce. 

If you are unable to pick up your box on the delivery date, consider sharing it with a friend and have them pick it up for you. If your box is not picked up on the delivery date during the hours established, it will be donated to the local food pantry.  If you are unable to complete the season with G It’s Fresh, we ask that you seek someone that is able to fill your spot.  Generally we do not reimburse.  If you decide that you want to share a share between two households, that is up to you. The family that is signed up for the CSA will be billed for the share.

Download our CSA Agreement Form